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who is the you are here guy?


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so micro that was your pic? can you send it to me? I still laugh when I think about it


:oops:  No it belongs to .s1 as I said I stole it ....LOL  it is one of my favorites... :)

ugh Oh now .s1 knows I have a copy and it may be a regestered trademark or something.... I hope he doesnt sue me or something..... LOL

8) Microwave

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You are here guy o.O;

:haha: See I told ya thats  what it meant ....YOU  are here and the YOU is whomever is reading it, one more thing that makes it so Kool..... everyone that reads it is the next victum..... LMAO .... nice very nice and I thought only my warped  sense of humor got it or like it,  Hmmmmm so Im not the only twisted one out here....LOL

8) Microwave

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