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Reason why 800,000 people cancelled AOL service between March 15th-June 15th


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I had AOL back in '01  and they billed my mother  (I was only 14 at the time)    $665 usage fee  over  3 years    01'-03'        so my mother called up    asked why was she billed    and they  said that    I have used  the service  for  3 years  but I had Verizon DSL back in 02      and used  AOL for 1 year  and was said that AOL service was cancelled in early 02    but then renewed  under the same last name  but different address.  :?      So then  after a  45 minute talk      they said that its our mistake  and you don't have to pay at all   

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He did get fired    and    they released an apology  to Vincent  Ferrari  (Customer who was involved in the dispute tring to cancel his Service  .  Here  is the full conversation  heard also on the tape listed above at the following website

AOL REPRESENTATIVE: Hi this is John at AOL... how may I help you today?

VINCENT FERRARI: I wanted to cancel my account.

AOL: Sorry to hear that. Let's pull your account up here real quick. Can I have your name please?

VF: VF Ferrari.


AOL: You've had this account for a long time.

VF: Yup.

AOL: Use this quite a bit. What was the cause of wanting to turn this off today?

VF: I just don't use it anymore.

AOL: Do you have a high speed connection, like the DSL or cable?

VF: Yup.

AOL: How long have you had that...

VF: Years...

AOL: ...the high speed?

VF: ...years.

AOL: Well, actually I'm showing a lot of usage on this account.

VF: Yeah, a long time, a long time ago, not recently...


AOL: Okay, I mean is there a problem with the software itself?

VF: No. I just don't use it, I don't need it, I don't want it. I just don't need it anymore.

AOL: Okay. So when you use this... I mean, use the computer, I'm saying, is that for business or for... for school?

VF: Dude, what difference does it make. I don't want the AOL account anymore. Can we please cancel it?


AOL: Last year was 545, last month was 545 hours of usage...

VF: I don't know how to make this any clearer, so I'm just gonna say it one last time. Cancel the account.

AOL: Well explain to me what's, why...

VF: I'm not explaining anything to you. Cancel the account.

AOL: Well, what's the matter man? We're just, I'm just trying to help here.

VF: You're not helping me. You're helping me...

AOL: I am trying to help.

VF: Helping... listen, I called to cancel the account. Helping me would be canceling the account. Please help me and cancel the account.

AOL: No, it wouldn't actually...

VF: Cancel my account...

AOL: Turning off your account...

VF: ...cancel the account...

AOL: ...would be the worst thing that...

VF: ...cancel the account.


AOL: Okay, cause I'm just trying to figure out...

VF: Cancel the account. I don't know how to make this any clearer for you. Cancel the account. When I say cancel the account, I don't mean help me figure out how to keep it, I mean cancel the account.

AOL: Well, I'm sorry, I don't know what anybody's done to you VF because all I'm...

VF: Will you please cancel the account.


AOL: Alright, some day when you calmed down you're gonna realize that all I was trying to do was help you... and it was actually in your best interest to listen to me.

VF: Wonderful, Okay.

Here is the Apology giving to the Customer

Letter from Nicholas Graham, Executive Vice President of AOL Corporate Communications:

Vincent, thank you for returning my phone call. I appreciate hearing from you and being able to talk to you - and to personally apologize for your experience. At AOL, we have zero-tolerance for customer care incidents like this - which is deeply regrettable and also absolutely inexcusable. The employee in question violated our customer service guidelines and practices, and everything that AOL believes to be important in customer care - chief among them being respect for the member, and swiftly honoring their requests. This matter was dealt with immediately and appropriately, and the employee cited here is no longer with the Company.

Vincent - please get in touch with me again in the future I can be of help at all. And good luck to you and to

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And in todays price range      AOL should have their service  at $9 a month  because DSL starts at  $15  and they currently start out at  $25.90 A MONTH  =  $4.05 more and get  50 times faster DSL from Verizon  than the suck ass  AOL. And something; Verizon doesn't treat its customers like shit like that person who wanted his service cancelled. One of  my co-workers wanted info on Comcast Voice    and he currently had  Cavalier    so he asked the rep  for info be sent to his house  on Comcast Voice and the rep agreed to send  out information .  1 hour  later .....No phone service  so he called up Comcast from his cell phone    and they  said    "We have gotten word from you (my co-worker)  that you wanted to purchase our voice service and we got approval to release your  # from them to us."  NOTE:  HE SAID HE WANTED INFORMATION ON THE SERVICE.  So  he was promised to have it reconnected the next day........no help  ...    so he went up to Comcast Customer Service building  here in Baltimore  (White Marsh)  and  asked for his service to be reconnected with Cavalier    and the woman asked    " Sir,  you have to call our customer service #  ,  we can't do anything here." So then  my co-worker said "If the problem isn't resolved  then I'm gonna make your company disappear  ( meaning file a lawsuit ) " So then  one week later    he received a letter in the mail from the Baltimore County District Court on his problems with Comcast  and the charges  were  Arson(Threatening to blow up building) and Assult.  So on  May 1st    he went to court on those charges against Comcast      and he was found not guilty  and he can go about filing a lawsuit for an unknown amount  .

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