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Upload increase???


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[email protected]: Good evening,I have one question only,I will like to know because im very happy with the speed upgrade to 5Mbps,will there also be an increase in upload as well?

[email protected]: like from 384-???

HIM: Let me know your city and state.

[email protected]: Astoria,NY

[email protected]: 5 blocks from Time Warner lol

[email protected]: so far it sounds good lol

HIM: Please hold on for a moment.

[email protected]: ok

HIM: Currently there are no upgrade of speed in your area, you will be informed if there are any upgrades.

[email protected]: but there are upgrades in upload speed in other areas?

HIM: Only in 3 areas they are available,

[email protected]: not NY?

HIM: New york city it is available.

[email protected]: but I live in Queens,part of the 5 buroughs

[email protected]: and if it is available,has it happened yet or are they working on it?

HIM: In this regard I suggest you to contact cable vendor for assistance.

[email protected]: ok then,have a good night

Can u believe that b.s,last time I knew I had an upgrade before TWC knew they upgraded lol,now they dont even know this

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Earthlink is in the middle of negotiating a (highly confidential) contract with other providers (pooling resources so to speak), so even the folks that work on the phones have no clue how it will all pan out, or in some cases they have no idea that it's taking place. Right now it's midway through the process and "stalled" due to FCC rulings.  Danged FCC is responsible for slowing down anything and everything that happens it seems.  When it is finished both Up and Down will take a big jump ...give it another 30-45 days for completion.  They have targeted March 15th ...we'll see if they make it.

*I didn't tell you this, and don't even exist!  lol....

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DJ, Thoes are not real sales tech's . Its "Live Person" aka , a programed bot used to anwser your questions via taking exact word phrases from what you say.

And i....doubt we'll be recieving any upgrades... i mean the 5mbit thing is still new... :P

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That is some funny stuff. :haha: I am not tring to go off subject but my ISP kept saying that my computer was the problem when i had 14kbps download. after the 3rd call I made to them they realized that i was pissed got off there fat a$$es and looked and found that they had a relay out low and behold all of the other people stopped caling too... :evil6::evil1:

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