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is it a bad ISP or a bad modem


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something wierd have been happening for these recent weeks, my cable connection from Cox has been going on and off

when its happening, i rebooted the modem, it only detects my PC, and the internet LED blinks slowly aka no connection, if I leave it there for awhile it might come back in a few minutes, or it might come in few hours.

my modem is a Toshiba PCX2200, and my ISP is Cox Comm. and i have the prefered option, with 5mb down and 2mb up.

if anyone need a more detailed decription of the situation, just tell me.

what should i do?

i was suspecting Cox is doing something wierd in the neighborhood

thanks in advanced

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From time to time, your ISP will perform maintenance on the node (UBR) which you are connecting to (ie. load balancing, card replacement).  During the maintenance window, you may notice that your modem gets intermittent or no signal.  If this has been cleared up now, you can pretty much guarantee that this is what happened.  However, if this is a recurring deal, be sure to call the ISP to have them check the modem's flap list.  We may be able to help some if you can log into the diagnostic page of your modem (usu. in your browser) and post the modem specs (power levels, etc.).

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heh i been trying to call Cox, but they put me  on hold for an hour...


i cant access

then, i found this

Toshiba Cable Modem PCX 2200/2500 Diagnostic Page:

Set IP to

Set Subnet to

Set Gateway to

Reboot and then point browser to

somewhere on the net

this on Cox's support page

and this is what my led is doing

Cable Slow Flashing | searching for cable connection | Verify all cable connections and try resetting the modem. If cable is OK and modem reset doesn't work, contact Customer Support |

sometimes resetting doesnt work, and the connection will come back in random times.

however, it has been stable for the past few days and hasnt died on me just yet

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:hello: :hello: Hey lalalaX3 welcome to the site. I have Cox (well its Sudden Link now WTF?) anyway I have had the exact same problem and it was not the modem it was the service. It was when they were upgrading my neighborhood. I called and they tinkered with stuff, reset the modem but it didnt help. It stopped after about 3 weeks. Good luck.  :D Hope you stick around.
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I still think you have a signal level issue.

Try getting your levels using the guide you found on the net.

You do have to be connected directly to the modem, not thru any hub or router.

Post them back here if you are able to obtain them. (which is unlikely, it is rather difficult with the Toshiba modems).

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