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I dunno.  Win98SE was on all our machines two years ago and we were getting sick of being bluescreened and having to reboot 20 times a day.  Now that we have XP Pro not one soul would remotely consider moving backwards, and anything that ran with 98SE is backwards compatible with XP Pro.  The NTFS is lovely by comparison to FAT32 for our particular usages anyway, and the "no ceiling" on DDR makes XP scream once you get into the 2gig region or higher.

I liked 98SE, but I could never, ever go back to it now (but I have it as one of the alternate O/S's).  Everything I have was made for XP exclusively.  (And, once you get down tweaking the living crap out of it, you end up with a personalised system that only needs a reboot maybe once a month or so)!  Win98 still need alot of reboots doesn't it?  Especially the low memory boxes? Hmm?

Then again, if you want 'scarey' ...run a 'nix' programme like Redhat and you'll probably never come back to Windows 'anything'.  I use Redhat for quite alot of things that are easier to do with "command line only" applications ....and it just rules "hands down."  Chances are that your ISP is uss Unix to keep your WIndows from crashing.  Our main Server (household) is a Unix ....and the darn thing never quits or need any attention worthy of mention!  It runs the entire household right down to the vacuuming (using a robot called a Trilobite.  Everything else is running on HAL (Home Automated Living) ...which is fairly cheap to buy and is just plain awesome to have.  It's one step beyond computing, yet in the same field! 

Check it out!  >>>>>> http://www.automatedliving.com/default.htm

Trilobite  http://www.electrolux.co.uk/node35.asp?ProdID=14315

"The Reverend"

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indestructable, you could never build a comparable comp for what thos major retailer boxes go for they get much better deals on the components because they have annual volume agreements with the manufacturers, meaning they agree to buy 3 gazillion processors in 2k5, so intel lops a third of the price, for example.

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What?  I think I am lost here....or am I?

To the contrary!!!  I have a corporate account at www.tigerdirect.com and can buy ANYTHING below their advertised prices ...because I"ve dumped over ...well, I've spent alot there over the past four years.  heheh....  I build my own machines and skip the middleman, so I get more bang for the buck.

For instance, my CPU would cost most ppl $1,000USD.  I bought four of them for $850.00USD each and same goes for the new MBs we just switched to.  $189.00USD boards but $129.00USD (my cost).

The bad thing about the "big boys" is that THEY are going to load your machine up with whatever is cheapest that week.  You can spec it out all you want.  They will still find dozens of ways to "trim corners" on you and leave you with less than you have have purchased for yourself ...that's how they make their bucks ...plus volume (like Dell, for one).

Of course, anyone is welcome to disagree, but this works best for me.  What I am saying is that most anyone can build their own machine for much less than one "ready to go!"  This is the equivalent of a $7,000 machine but I have invested about $5,000USD all told ...and keep updating with every new part that hits the market.  Flip side...if Dell had built this for me, I would have lost my shirt!

"The Rev"

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:haha: :haha: :haha:

well, that is true rev. but since we were talking about budget's, i find the comparison somewhat off, since anybody buying a big vendor box to get a decent rig for less would not have the resources to dump several tens of kilobucks into a vendor to earn the right to buy discounted parts to set up a relatively cheap 5 kilobuck box.


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