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automatic turn off of cable modem!!!!


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hi guys

                  i just want to turn off my cable modem at a predefined time. is there any software for doing this job?

                  in other words, i don't want any transfers or any kind of internet activity in my pc after that predefined time, is there any way i can do that??

                    or atleast i can shut down my computer automatically so that so internet activity is not there even if my modem is ON? i tried with hibernation in the Power Options but i want your opinion friends!!!!

                    thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@ swimmer

                  i don't use a router dude

                  ok how to use that command in the command prompt that u were talking about to shut down my computer

                    first of all what 's that command?can u explain a bit more?

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Get one of those light timers that can turn appliances on and off at set times...

        what is that set times.....??????????

          in fact i searched with google and downloaded a small software called delayed shutdown by Alexander G. Styopkin. and gave it a try.but oops!!!!!

          it returned with the screen displaying "It is now safe to turn off your computer"

            oh god.. i never thought i would see such a quote in Windows XP!

          and my power light didn't goes off after this(attached pictures)

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ah ah

        after trying some dozen softwares i finally settled for one called "shutdown"(attached pic)

          its really superb dudes just shutting down the the whole pc

          some softwares i tried caused some serious effects such as keeping the system time constant and all, but this one is a sure win over them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          thanks guys for replies............

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Wow I can't believe that no one has suggested the low tech rock solid solution to this... Put your cable modem's power plug on a timer. You can pick up power timers for a few bucks at any hardware store then the problem is solved. The cable modem will be off because it won't have power.

actually php did suggest that http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=15694.msg166388#msg166388

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It happens that way in the beginning. You get used to it.  ;)

No biggie. I get embarrassed all the time, but it has gotten to be part of the fun. I just smile, lower my head, and duck out.  :lol:

:lol: :lol: wada you mean in the beginning Tommie , I'm still doing it  :roll:

and wellcome Jonmdewey to the forum ,

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getting one of those timer things from waltmat copuld damage your pc as it would not shut down properly

u could c a few blue screens of dead

and maybe a fried hard drive as a result

go with some software instead

or put it on the modem only and not the pc

for the PC thats not a good idea. for the cable modem its fine.

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