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Hey new people, say hi to us here!


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Hi there! This is testmy.net's forum and this is the place that You will find all the answers to questions you never thought to ask yourself. and THEN, well, and then, you too can be an uber geek.... see you have the opportunity to gain from everyone's knowledge here, unlike me... (they keep me locked inside this little box and throw Barbie clothes in so that I can play dress up. Just call me the welcome wagon! No, it isn't' the size of my butt :-P )

So this is how this stuff works: You post a question and we answer you. Our members will answer you too, you have the strength and power of THOUSANDS of smart peeps. (again, not me, I'm the girly thingy) As long as you are decent and not rude or obnoxious or a spammer, you'll fit right in. This is a dislexic group  - oops, i mean diverse group and we all believe different things and have different views, yet somehow we manage to make it work (don't blame me, I'm a noob here).

My first rule of thumb anywhere - and yeah, I'm a net junkie: READ. see if your question has been asked before. use the forum search tool, it's amazing (I have this crystal ball embedded in the server but don't tell anyone, I'm working on a patent).

Check out the different boards (they are called forums if you don't know) and see what you can take away from here. We love guests, but we love people that talk to us too, so if you merely click that register button *up there, points* then you too can join the fray (oops, I mean fun).

Don't be afraid to post, and don't take the posts wrong, everyone here is a nice person  - don't forget that text can't show you smiles or laughter (at themselves)

ANY fears or questions? PM a mod, that's really what we do here, we take care of the endless amount of questions (up to and including the color of the shoes we wear) ;)

If you really want to know, CA3LE is the ingenious founder of this marvelous site, and he pioneered the technology a while back, He did so well that there are ISP's that now send THEIR customers her to get accurate readins in order to troubleshoot the connection speeds.

AND to boost that even futher, he created these forums that can help in ways you will never imagine, think of it! You get wireless ISP help, cablenut setting advancements AND the off topic BS that creates a family.

Don't be afraid of the mods. the only one that bites is me, and I'm usually behind lock and key... the rest are ... well.... OK they're weird too, but they're all geeks, so what do you expect?

So come in, say hi - new or old members (show 'em how it's done) , I'm going to fire up the grill and if you want a burger, let me know, I'll squish one through the modem (disclaimer: testmy.net is not responsible for the actions of water or the repercussions to your computer)

see ya 'round the place (I HOPE) :D

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Yes this is a great community and while Im not great at giving speeches lol..like waterRTBH up there :tongue: here you can expect a great bunch of guys and girls with vast knowledge in so many fields that are all so diverse that if you need help with anything you will be bound to get some answers..and usually very quickly too :-P And ofcourse join in on conversations dealing with the internet in general,tweaking,speed,etc..so dont be afraid, no one bites in here....and have fun!!

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ANY fears or questions? PM a mod, that's really what we do here, we take care of the endless amount of questions (up to and including the color of the shoes we wear) ;)

What color shoes are you wearing, water?  :haha:

Sorry, had to ask.

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Not sure where to start as I am usually short on words. *cough cough*

I started here a few years ago, and have met a great bunch of gals and guys. I have learned much in how to keep a computer clean and running well. That was my original intentions.

I guess on the lighter side, I just got plain lost. And have not been able to find the exit door since. I did find the girls dorm though. We are planning a panty raid if anyone is interested.

But if you do not learn anything new or funny, you must have just missed the right door. "Off Topic" 


Just click and enjoy.

One day maybe I will get to be mod there when I grow up. Guess there is no chance of that ever happening.  :evil6:

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I'm not a geek .I'm a redneck but a nice one most of the time.So HOWDY Y'ALL from Texas.Come on in & have a good time.

About all you can't do is post a necked piture or set any one on fire(in a bad way).

Nothing too illegal but a little moonshining is OK.

Happy Trails for now.

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Hi, I found this forum around last october, at first to check my net speeds but found "off topic" and other interesting stuff. Sometimes I not online that much so you dont hear much from me then again sometimes I am. Like the name that song game and try to keep up with it.

Must say this is one of the best and most diverse forums I found

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I must say: you are a great member here, and thank you for your input and for being fun as well.... the more people that post, the more that are unafraid to take a chance, the better we are :) *hugs*

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Can I have my burger now? Please?... thanks....

And ohh, I just realized something...I missed my 1 year anniversary at TMN  :x :x :x it was August 23rd  :D

*spanks you appropriately*

feel better now?

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I can't say Hi, but I wll say MEOW.

After many long years of chopping wood to fuel my crawl-up connection, I bought a WildBlue sat to spppeeeddd up life here in the piney woods of E.TX.

I will try not to shed and claw the furnishing while I pussyfoot around here.

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Thanks water :) Im off to the Hatch NM chili festival so I'll be back in a few days

I thought Hatch got severly flooded in the recent rains.I haven't been there but I have bought & stuffed the Hatch chillis with cooked  ground beef & cheese.Then I bake them for about an hour .& add some fresh cheese to top them off.Sort of my version of a Chili Relleno without the batter & a better pepper.

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What does a guy have to do to get spanked inappropriately?  :twisted:


All you gotta do is ask babycakes. ;)

Shug7272 would bite, except for the fact that he doesn't have enough teeth. 

Thats what I love best about him ;)

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