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Any logical explanation why explorer.exe uses


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ratchet;The  ccleaner didn't help me much.I have Windows ME so this might not help.When I go to explorer.exe in my Windows folder.It is a small file 220K but when I execute it :My Documents come up & thats on my D: drive & thete are othere folders on that drive so I don't know how large My Documents is but I would guess pretty big since it contains a lot of pics.

I would guess 150 MB any way.So if it's including your documents it would be large.

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I apparently resolved the issue!  The other morning, while I was drinking my coffee before I left for work, I'd run  ewidow, Spyware Doctor (a license from work, update it but keep it turned off), and Spy Sweeper, all in Safe Mode and they all came up 0!  Now I just did it again in safe mode including NOD32 this time.  I always use the Scan&Clean mode.  I came back in the room in a short time, definitely sooner than a Nod32 scan generally takes, and it was shut down!  Apparently whatever it found and removed (I haven't checked the log) also shut Nod32 down also.  All I know is explorer.exe is now only using 19,000 of memory.  I'd run NOD32 several times trying to find a problem, however, I'd never done in Safe Mode.  Just checked it again before this post, still 19K!

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More info on this!  Memory usage remained low until I did a speed test with a java applet running.  After the test went back up to 59K.  Have been back to normal after a reboot for over an hour now.  Could the java app be the source of this memory leak?

Hi ratchet ,I just done a Java based speed test , and expl.exe. stayed the same ! you can zero Java temp.files in Java settings , I think default is unlimited , I set mine to zero ,

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