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Attachments and Avatars


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As some of you know the server was re-formatted and the site was completely reloaded on the server.  After this some of our users attachments and avatars are no longer working.

This is just a notice that you may need to re-upload your avatar    

(or attachments in some of your posts if you have an attachment in a post that you think is important for other members to be able to get and you are unable to edit your post then please contact me or one of our mods/admins so that we can re-upload it for you)

Sorry for the inconvenience... and thank you for your patience and partonage during these rough times.


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CA3LE ;No hurry on this .I just wanted to ask if this type of attachment was wiped out.They are some testmy ones php did for me.I can use an image site like photobucket to host them.

I just thought I would ask about them since they are not working.



I left the img off of course.

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