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Fuel Vapor Technologies Nice mileage.

tommie gorman

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now if only they could get 92mpg, without sacrificing performance, in more conventional cars

nice car though...but i have my doubts about the 92mpg rating....how about after vtec kicks in, im almost 100% certain gas mileage will drop substantially, but who knows...maybe the mpg rating does take vtec into consideration

the rear needs some work though, lol...looks ugly


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I'm sure the streamlining helps a lot with the 92mpg but even if a "standard" shaped body reduced the MPG down to as low as 70mpg it would still be amazing.  I'm no fortune teller but you can bet "BIG MONEY" is looking for a place to bury it starting with the oil companies.  Just my $ .02 worth.

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Sorry to put a downer on this impractical car , for family use , Tandem seating never has proved popular , 3 wheeler , nothing wrong with that, but again unpopular ,

Gas Vapor technology ? all petrol engines are gas vapor burners anyway ,

Just some are more efficient at producing the vapor , normal % of fuel to air by weight is 14.7 of air to 1 of petrol (Stoichiometric ratio ) older engines from the 1960s required 12-1 ratio, modern lean burn engines of today can run at 18-1 ratio , but need added petrol ratio for starting and acceleration, 

Remember all petrol engines can run on Gas as well as petrol ,with little modification to the engine, I think the interesting bit here is their claim to be able to keep the flame burning at a ratio of 20-1 +, I can only guess they are heating the petrol just before injection and maybe adding a little water vapor to the mix , nothing new there .

The biggest impact on fuel consumption is #1 rolling resistance , #2 weight , and over 60mph #3 air drag,

Just about all European car manufactures have compact 4 seat family cars  on the road as prototypes that are capable of 100 mpg

And have had for some years (Citroen 1999 ) but the public are not ready for such Spartan economy cars just yet , but  " times they are a changing " to quote Dillon  

added link .......http://driving.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,22750-1794324,00.html

added another link ....http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/ecotech/economy4.htm

just brought one of these for my daughter for Christmas ( $900 S/H )

after sevicing it I got 60 mpg,  and checked out its top speed of 110 mph,  :lol:

Yeah , I am a trained car tech from way back, and specialize in Citroen's, so I know the tweaks  :wink2:,  just wish I had the same knowledge with puters  :evil6:


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I like that VW-1. That was an interesting idea, at 318 MPG it would be worth considering for going to work and such. Don't think riding a bus woulld be any cheaper. But I will bet comfort would be right out the window. A/C and such.

OK, I just read the first link on the Citroen petrol C1. So what are the drawbacks, beside finding a decent shop to work on it. This is the US.

Never mind, after looking around, apparently americans don't like the style. There are no dealerships, or used ones hardly findable.

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What I want to know is why American (and others) cars so bad on fuel mileage? Why can't they give our cars better mileage without giving us some funky ass looking cars?

No disrespect , but you have cheap fuel over your side of the pond ,

try paying $7.50 per gallon , It sure sharpens your perspective , suddenly funky ass looking cars don't look so bad ,

most European family cars now return 40MPG as a normal , none of my families cars return less than 45Mpg ,

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