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for sale section !?

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OK, hopefully a good example.

I sell you something for computers. It leaves my house in working order. You recieve it not working. We flame on the forum from it. (outside of that section also). Not proper of course. But that is human nature. There are no built in guarantees like buyer credits and such like there is in ebay where you can put up bad credits or what ever. (you can tell by my terminology I don't ebay much  :lol: )

Anyway now you have upset members.

If we traded on ebay, we would more than likely not even know we were on the same forum.  :wink:

But I guess the same risk comes from PM's, so never mind.  :icon_scratch:

I think I conveyed that right.

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"hey everyone im having a problem with my hard drive, it lit on fire the other day and burned to almost a crisp, but i was able to make it look pretty so will it work?"

2 weeks later



:2funny: sounds a good deal to me , but is it Hot , I don't touch hot stuff, :grin2:

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