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Hi, all! I've been using the Dallas speed test site for a while now, and just recently realized that I could join your site. I really like this the look and feel of this site, and am glad to finally be a member. However, I had trouble joining the site until I finally realized that you can't use a hotmail account to sign up with. This should probably be made clear on the sign up page, because until you're a member you can't post for help(kinda a Catch 22 kinda situation). If it was made clear, then my bad,(didn't really want to start my posting history with a complaint.) Anyway, thanks for letting me join your group.

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Thanks guys. I'll try not to be a pain in the rear(notice I said try? :) ). Thanks for the welcome.

:2funny: :2funny: You do realize I am THE single biggest pain in the ass here right? They have kept me around.  :lol: As long as you treat other people well youll do great here. You seem like our kinda guy.  :icon_thumleft:
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Nah, you'd have to be fat and stupid to steal that.  :uglystupid2: :uglystupid2: :evil6:

Then I guess you're still in danger, cause a lot of people would tell you that I'm over qualified on both counts.  :azn:

haddikazook, A hello from me and  :welcome:

Judging from the 2 quotes you seem to have the gift.  :wink2:

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Granpa dude, how you been man.  :grin2: Nah, he cant be as dumb as me.

I'm not going there, I mean the gift of a politician.  :wave:  :azn:  :angel:


I've been good  :lol: didn't dare go outside today, it got cold, what weather. :confused1:

P.S. I hope I'm using all these little creatures right  :icon_scratch:

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