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Post your speed from Smart Bro (wi fi)


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15 mins ago my wife called smartbro cs, told them about our veeeeryyyy slow connection...

they told us to do this, do that, isolate this, which i already did a hundred times. now after 15 mins i call them back saying i did what they told me and they inform me now that there is something wrong with the base station or something.

now it pisses me off having been goof by their personnel into doing things. they shudve told me that there is a problem firsthand.

and another thing, i ask the cs whom i speaking and she told me that they are not allowed to give their id#. she only gave me her name (which any1 can fake). i wish there is a way to verify this. not being able to know  they are is like talking to somebody who doesnt really know what ur talking about.

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you can't do anything because that is the job of a costumer service rep. man, they just read scripts. they are not technically trained to handle technical problems coz they are just from the call center.

send them emails instead. emails are forwarded to and eventually read by their technical dept who has the right knowledge.

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can anyone help me. I try to tweak my canopy by chance I mean when i opening the canopy by the use of I see others users or owner canopy page. I tried so many times accessing my own canopy then i got lucky and got my canopy page. Then someone suggest to me that if i change my color code in my canopy page it would help to boost my connection but like before i can't able find it anymore all i can see is someone canopy page.

How can i solved my problem is there someone can help me about this.

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Hey, anyone.... I need your help.... everytime I turn on my Computer, my internet connection is always LIMITED OR NO CONNECTIVITY. Please help me, it always forces me to spend about 5 minutes just for REPAIRING and RENEWING my LAN Connection. Can I stabilize it?

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Yeah, me too... well...still. :buck2:

I think they (SB CSR) gave me a definition fot that - a time out.  :idiot2:

I'm not an expert and all but...

CSR's method (by the book):

Disable/enable LocAreaConn (sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't)

or.. Shutdown PC and unplug..errr..LAN(?) wire and power adapter for 5 secs then plug it back and boot up PC.

It worked once but temporarily. 'Got negative connection again after a couple of days.

What I do... (and what works for me)

Whenever I get "No conn..", I access my Canopy page (it still opens in my case) and I change/type in "my alternate" color code (under Config > Radio tab) - I only switch from 2 ColCodes (I studied my AP Evaluation beforehand) whenever the other one is shitty <pardon my French>. Then Save Changes and Reboot. Wait a coup'l of secs then go back to Home menu and see if it's "Registered.." under Session Status - otherwise I wait for a coup'l of secs until so. Then I regain connection again. Sometimes, when the connection's back, I revert to my original ColCode coz it has lesser User Count most of the time (re-type in color code > save changes > reboot). 

And sometimes (yup, it really happens a lot to me) I don't switch color codes. I just reboot (Canopy > Config > Radio tab). It also works... at least for me. Stable? Nope. Its not a permanent solution. So far, I've been lucky for about 2 weeks already.  :grin2:

'Will very much appreciate help from the experts here...  :?:

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If your pc warns you about limited or no connectivity at all..

Do this:


Method 1 (LONG METHOD)

Unplug the canopy's cable from your pc


Unplug your canopy from the power source


Shut down your pc!


after about 2-3 minutes

Plug in the canopy's cable to your lan port.

Power up the canopy again

And turn on the computer...



If your one of the lucky guys/gals who could access their canopy  :azn:

Reboot your SM (am i right?! "SM") or canopy so to speak...

from your canopy's configuration/setup page....


Hope this helps!  :smitten:

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you can't do anything because that is the job of a costumer service rep. man, they just read scripts. they are not technically trained to handle technical problems coz they are just from the call center.

They are actually trained to handle technical problems but still they need to perform step by step procedure for quality evaluation. Well, that's call center standard operating procedures.


Yes. Email would be a great choice aside from visiting your nearest wireless center so that their what so called higher technical support might schedule you for field visit if they find something wrong with the antenna. They might also tell you quickly right after their opening spiel if there's a problem with your base station. If it's a congested or intermittent Basestations, DON'T expect that they'll be giving you a definite time to fix it. Well, we should understand that. BUT when first quarter of 2008 comes, and  you'll still be having the same problem, that's the best time to revolt! joke...  :haha:

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