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Laptop Fan Kicking On/Off maybe?


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I just got back taking a Compaw Presario c500 today and got a Toshiba Satellite which had wy better specs than the Compaq. Ok I feel air coming out the back keeping it cool. But every once an a while it seems like it kicks in loud for a second then goes away. It does it a few times. I don't know if that is making the fan kick in a new speed or what? Everything is running fine though. Is this normal?I was told by somone today that they have laptops that do it to. Thanks.

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I have a question you might know swimmer. Is it ok to leave the charger cord still plugged in while its completed the charge? I don't want it to ruin battery either. This battery only lasts like 2 hours.

I have a gateway laptop that is plugged in at least 9 hours a day when I am working.

this is my 4th or 5th laptop over the years I have had (due to upgrades) and leaving them plugged in has never caused me any issue's.

Today's notebooks are pretty smart when it comes to power, so i personally would not sweat it.

BTW, I just installed Speedfan on an older spare PC I have at home, and it gave me some pretty good readings and info on temps and fan speeds.


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Guest PeePs

uh yeah leaving it plugged in will definately not hurt ur laptop.

As for your fan noise, I'd much rather have my fan kick in full speed a lot than to never hear it because my laptop randomly will shut off at times and im about 90 percent sure its because it overheats. I don't know if its just a ****** laptop or it the fan is actually faulty....

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