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Windows Vista ReadyBoost


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Using Windows Vista, I've come to make the final judgement that 2GB of memory is a 'comfortable' amount of memory installed in order to run the OS smoothly. If you don't have the cash available to run out and purchase more, you might consider an alternative: ReadyBoost.

You might have heard of the name already, but in short, it consists of substituting a flash drive (min 256MB) to act as temporary memory.

From the person whom invented the feature, you can read the article and FAQ's here on how to use it.


It's a nice benefit than reverting back to Windows XP if you had a choice in the beginning.  :-P

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about that ReadyBoost for Windows Vista. can I install windows vista on that usb flash card? Im might thinkin of buying 8 gig flash card!

just wondering, thanks


You know hmmmmmm never tried putting an os on a Flash drive lol i mean i know you can boot with a flash drive but i am doubtfull that it will work but you never know just plug the sucker in and put your windows disk in and see if the OS will see the flash drive as a destination source.

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Guest kamil234

doesnt ram run much faster than transfer between flash/usb?

the readyboost "RAM" will be much slower than regular ram upgrade.

you can get 2GB of good ram for $150 now.

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yeah.. but its ALOT faster than page files..

not really... depends on what you're doing.

and it wouldn't be practical to install vista on a flash drive.. it would only work on your computer.  maybe if you were trying to build a silent system, but otherwise...

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Another good alternative to a USB jump drive is if you have a laptop with a memory card reader built in. I use a SanDisk Extreme IV 2GB SD card and I just leave it in my laptop's card reader all of the time. The card sticks out less than an eighth of an inch, so its barely noticeable. It also does wonders for my performance, I already have 2 gigs of RAM, but I definitely notice the difference when I put the card in my PC.

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Hi folks,

If you are running Vista with 2 Gigs you wont really note a difference unless you run memory hunger applications as Gaming, even cad applications will run sweet with just 1 gig, if you really see some difference with readyboost, with 2 gigs then you have a problem.

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