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SA pupils burn 'witches' to death


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Two South African women have been burned to death after a group of students accused them of bewitching their high school with evil spirits.

Msaba Zungu and Thabitha Thusi, both 60, were seized from their homes near Manguzi in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Students and adults dragged them to a sports field where they were doused with petrol and set alight on Sunday.

Manhlenga High School pupils accused the women of being witches after they began to suffer strange crying fits.

Investigators said Ms Zungu died at the scene and Ms Thusi later succumbed to her burns injuries on Monday.

Police captain Jabulani Mdletshe told the BBC News website: "On 17 August, the students at the mixed high school began to cry randomly and they did not know why.

"The students held a couple of meetings and allegedly decided the problem was these two women were witches who had cast a bad muthi (spell) on the school.

"At 8pm on Sunday, some of the students and community members allegedly took the women from their homes to a football field and set them on fire."

No arrests have been made but police are following a positive line of inquiry, said Capt Mdletshe.

Story from BBC NEWS:


Published: 2007/09/05 18:11:55 GMT

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:cry2: It just shows the imbalance of wisdom that abounds in this world ,

we gave it up in the UK   some time back 


Matthew Hopkins., met his just deserts , by a Norman Baron n the north country UK , when he boasted of his powers of witch confession ( keep hem awake for 48 hours with drums , allow them no water)   :evil2: and they will confess ,

so the Norman Baron had him put to his own test , yeah,he confessed to being a warlock ( male witch ) and was duly burnt at the stake ,  :evil6:

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So the students were hiding the black majic they were performing with the old ladies as decoys then.

Yeah, some folks are still ignorant to the truth.

Matthew Hopkins., 16th century , was Britains biggest mass murderer ,

200 + .  :twisted:, the Normans gave us trial by Jury , instead of trial by torture and was Britains last successful invasion

,this carried on to to the new world "AMERICA " ( so give thanks to France = Vikings from Scandinavia )  ,  I am biased on that one , being born on a Norman Island ( Norman French ) , with old Norman french as the official language , :lol:( no I dont speak it , nor do the French  :lol: )

they still retain the old Norman French feudal system

( only the son can inherit etc.) and I want to go back , all I need is $2million , any offers :lol:

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... they still retain the old Norman French feudal system

( only the son can inherit etc.) and I want to go back , all I need is $2million , any offers :lol:

Sure Roco, but I might have to take off my other sock to get it all out. Are you really sure you need it that bad  :?:  :twisted:

One thing about that style of death penalty, there is never an appeals court.  :wink: Save some cash.

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