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legal torrents?


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I know lynx distributes distros that way. I am sure there are other files as well. Some independent movies and some music as well. All you can do is check the description to see.  I believe some shareware programs may be done that way as well. I could be wrong about the shareware.

The torrent sites themselfs are really not the problem. WIth any torrent site you will find lots of pirate stuff. Its just the nature of the beast. I am almost sure on thoes same sites you will find legal stuff as well.

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Yes, as other members have said, there are legal torrents. And several pieces of free software is downloaded that way. Basically the only way to know if it is legal or not is to know if the material is copyrighted. If it is not, or if it is marked as ok for public distribution you are ok. Of course the majority of torrents are illegal. For the most part, if you want to download but dont want to get illegal material I would suggest you dont use P2P programs or Bit Torrent. Your likely to get something illegal or even get accused of it even if you did nothing wrong.

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Shug, I disagree with your approach that one should not use BT because of the fear that one might get an illegal torrent by mistake. If a site posts a torrent as legal I don't think that you can be morally blamed from downloading it even if it is illegal as long as to the best of your knowledge it is legal. Now it is true that you might get sued, but with Guantanamo you don't even need a reason to get imprisoned (okay, it's not an argument, but I wanted to stick it in there  :tickedoff:), so for me legality is not an argument. I assume that with many free torrents there are links to donate if you like the program/media, which encourages freeware.

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