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ian here...


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i was able to learn plenty of interesting lessons here. I'm a new member but definitely I'm not new in to this site. Actually I had it on my bookmarks already, and not only until few days back i decided to become a member. I usually access the page that talks about Smartbro. I really find the posts very informative.

After years of reading about Smartbro and networking (here and from other forums) i can say i got decent knowledge when it comes to this field. so i might as well offer what i know to the rest of the community so keep your questions coming.

I know its off topic, but I'm also into the medical fields, so you can just like ask me questions about health :oops:, psychiatry :uglystupid2:, and psychology :idiot2:... :)

thank you and im glad to be here!  :2funny:


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In my defense ianonline, and I say this with all sincerity, to be totally honest. And definitely not to beat around the bush at all whatsoever ................................................... But they were definitely very good cookies too. Especially when dipped in milk.  :lol:

Just ask mudman.  :-P

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Well...if i didnt stumble upon a very awkward thread here....  :shocked: :shocked:

:2funny: :2funny:

it's what we called having a break from the seriousness of life... it's good to be kids sometimes...


haven't heard from mom. i wonder where she is.. your not hiding her right?

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