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HP Blackbird...whaddya think...??


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It does not tell you what 9 series Nvidia cards you are getting. according to HP web site they do not even offer the 9 series, they offer you a choice of the 8800GT / 8800GTX or the 8800 Ultra graphic cards [ all are good cards ] . You do not need SLI unless you have a monitor that is 24 inches or larger. Anything less then that you will not get any real benefit out of SLI.  The motherboard is a 780i board, IT not as bad as the 680i was, but it has had some problems too. No watercooling system is maintenance free. You still have to change the cooling water at least once a year and if there is a lot of dust in your house you still have to blow out the fans and radiators to keep it from overheating.

Build it yourself and it will be cheaper and you have more fun going nuts wondering if your thousands of dollars of computer parts are going to go up in smoke when you push the start button. :haha:

Edit - Read the whole thing ,at the bottom it says the computer has dual 9800GT graphic cards.

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:lol: it's not beige , so I ain't interested either ,  :evil6: ,

all my builds are Beige , just love that colour , it don't show the dust like black ,

OK, so beige is non discript , but a computer is only a tool ? ,  do I go down to the tool shop to buy a spanner , then specify the colour  !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,

sigh, maybe one day I will get off single core , socket "A" , but I aint rushing ,  :lol:

lol $3,299 USD thats  830 US gallons of petrol ,  and only 358 gallons in the UK ,

it's  overpriced in my view , and all the components will be made in China anyway ,

Build your own !!!

   so right  AlucardHS :icon_thumleft:,

  remember one size don't fit all , just build what you need , but leave a little elbow room for future upgrades ,

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Way too expensive.

For that money I could build a box that's better for less than half the money and take a nice vacation on what's left.

Well that is if you consider a weekend of binge drinking and bar hopping a vacation.

sounds good to me Vern ,  :lol: on both counts

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Looks a lot different than the Blackbirds I have here coreing my corn field, and I didn't have to spend anthing to get them neither.  :roll:

I guess the HP stands for High Priced.  :wink2:

:lol: Blackbirds are protected in the UK ,.fast disapearing , I am hand rearing a family ,

for the past 5 years , but strange enough the have disapered now , they do that every year in mid June then come back in October for the winter , you must have some good corn over there , LOL grandpa you feed them for free ??? it costs me $2 a month for the best  Turkish sultanas to feed them , got any of your special  corn seeds going spare ? , blackbirds normaly live for 2 years or so ,I have grandady of the flock , at about 4 years old , he overwinters in my out house , I hand reared him since he was the last offspring of the brood,and was down and abandoned in my garden and each spring he gets out and strutts his stuff,  ( lol bit like me I guess )  :lol:

:2funny: back on topic , I have sorted out a few HP puters , they seem to select good matching parts , and indeed I am impressed with there quality, but it seems to come at a high price ,

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