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Why do I see other people's SM when accessing my Smartbro canopy?


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Hey guys im new here, I've been browsing a lot from these forums doing some reading here and there. I'm able to access my smartbro canopy page using the default http:// but the problem is, I can see other peoples account, it keeps refreshing and I could not find the own account in the canopy page. Please help. I really need to change some settings in my canopy.

Thanks in advance.

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how sure you are that you are seeing other ap accounts? please post some screen shots..

When you are at your canopy main page, makikita mo mga general info.. you can also see the subscribers information such as service ref. number, name, contact number and address. I can see my neighbors general info... Luckily, I was able to resolve my problem. Thanks Anyway.

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Hi 2 all just new here, I have a quite same problem here but the difference is I'm still using the old Sendfar Antenna coz the new Motorolla canopy failed to establish a valid AP in my location. I need help to access my sendfar antenna and to make some settings adjustment,  coz  right now I'm getting this kind of connection


Smart installer access my antenna thru bwoser by just typing

but the problem is I dont know what IP should i type here


I can't peek while he was typing that time coz the installer intentionally covered almost the whole screen, then type the IP for just a split a second. My friend told me that but his not 100% sure, that the sendfar IP is located @ the back of the antenna. I failed to write down those numbers but I manage to get this numbers printed  on the box where the installer took my brand new antenna hope it helps:

O/N 11020083040

M/N SF-3000

S/N 05C207008

BTW smartbro is replacing my old antenna that time due to lightning strike

Thnx in advance


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How did you solve it?

Last time I've checked, the same problem occurred.

I can see other accounts aside from our account here, and worst I guess, they aren't my neighbors. The accounts are maybe for about 1-5kms aways from us.

Is my canopy damaged or what..? Help :)

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ok, for those people who still has the ip for their canopy, chances are you might be able to see other subscriber's info when you access your canopy.

How to solve this problem:

1. Here is the hard part, call Smartbro customer service and have send a technician. You can say you don't have internet connection or your antenna got damage. Whatever the reason have them send a technician.

2. Once the technician comes to your place, have him check your computer. Chances are, he will replace your SM ip to 10.x.x.x. Once that has been done, you will be able to access your canopy page by changing your ip to and then do arp-a on the command prompt.

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