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How do you get an animated avatar to work in forum profile?


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Hi all: I put in a new avatar it is supposed to be animated.Its animation works on my PC but when I loaded it in my forum profile it is just a still shot.I would like some advice on getting the animation to work.It has to be possible because JustinOhioRR's avatar is animated.I have trouble loading images I'm still a newbie in this area of computing.

So help me if you can .I also tried image shack to do this I still couldn't get it to work.

Thanks  :cool:  Cholla

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Hi all I guess by hosting you mean using Image Shack or Photo Basket I tried both.

It still is not animated.When I put it in the forum Avatar either in the URL or my own picture spot .It is put in a GIF image but comes out a PNG image.You can check this by right clicking mouse & selecting properties.When I check the one you have this way they are GIF images.I even tested one of yours & it was animated when I put it in.What I need to know is how do I keep it from turning into a PNG image?

If you mean something else by hosting let me know . Thanks

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Hi .s1: In the post CA3LE made herehe said:make sure the demensions are correct otherwise the server will download and resize the picture

width x height == 120x100 max

The properties say it is  69 x 110  the height must be the problem.

I will pm CA3le about this.  Cholla

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