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Barack Obama is sworn in


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well ,over here in The UK , this speach went down well ,

and to be honest "the enemy refered to  England at the time,

as it was the only true  homeland threat you have ever faced ,

when the defeated English Robin  Redbreast army marched out with full military honours ,they played "the world turned upside down "  maybe it is that time again ,  a time of change , 

give the guy a chance , only time will tell I guess , but in my opinion it is time for change , the world is already "turned up side down "


Roco ...UK

edit: fixed duplicate posts

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there...fixed that...what happened in here duplcate posts (sorta) and a link that went right back to here

now as roco said...we need to give the guy a chance..he can't possibly do any wrse than dimwit did...and he may very well turn out to be a shiney new button on the vest of America

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:2funny: Well shit happens momma. And yes I am giving till the end of the week ..... just kidding. I wish him well, we need it.

But equality means just that. And he is a politician.  :wink:

OH yeah, and that Yellow dress. Man that was loud.  :shock:

Shit Tommie at least give him to the end of the month!!
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Dont get me wrong, hell screw something up before then. I just hope its something minor. Im seriously worried about the economy and I dont think any politician will do anything but make it much worse.  :cry:

:iamwithstupid: But yes I will give him 4 years for it. What choice I guess. But I think progress should should show by mid summer.
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OH lordy, say it did not come out of my mouth.......runs puking>>>>>>>>>>............. :tongue2:

Ok, but never again.  :twisted:

:haha: :haha:

I am glad all the talking is done. Its time to get to work and Walk the walk. This man has one long row to hoe. He either is gonna come out looking like the champ we all hope he is, or come out making us look like the chumps we hope were not.

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