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Great Amazon Customer Review.


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No, wait, did you guy's see the "monster "?  He's down there with this cut of what is most recently purchased together, ok, lets go through this. Which way must this mind work here, do you say ok, I need some nuclear grade duct tape, and fast, wile your checking out, you think , shit, I forgot the rubiks cube !  :haha:  Or is it the other way, GAH, I need a new rubiks cube, I used it so much , that those rubberbands broke (opps kind told on myself there lol ) and when your checking out you say to yourself, self, I really could use another roll of that nuclear grade duct tape.....   :haha: :haha: :haha: Who could pass this deal up, I mean get the cube, and the tape for under 43 buck's hell yes !!!!!

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