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The Rear-view Computer Mirror, One Cool Accessory for Your Privacy


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Just how many times were you forced to quickly switch the webpages you were reading as you noticed (or at least thought you did) that there was someone approaching from behind your chair or even taking a peek over your shoulder? Online gaming at work (not during your break), prohibited stuff, or simply minding other business of yours that has nothing to do with your job tasks, name it what you want
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Another version for Pr0n mode on airplanes is....


Apparatus and method for computer screen security

Document Type and Number:

United States Patent 7209557


A combination of software and hardware renders the computer screen incomprehensible to onlookers. The software consists of a computer program that scrambles the organization of the image on the computer screen. The hardware consists of a set of glasses that reorganizes the scrambled image on the computer screen so that the authorized user can comprehend the image. In an alternate embodiment, the scrambled image is transmitted by cable or wireless transmission to a set of display glasses with an embedded personal display computer that unscrambles the image for viewing at the display glasses.

And a longer version..


The libraries have a screen on the front of the monitor that has slits that only allows a viewing angle offset to about 10 degrees.

And FireFox has an extension that allows you to change the tab names in the task bar to avoid people reading your minimized window identifier. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2987

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