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Happy and Safe All Hallows Eve...


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We is gonna have a slightly rough Helloween.

2pm pacific time.

So it wet snowed about 4" a couple of evenings ago. Plows have just managed bothered to clear enough of the crap to somewhat of a shoulder again. A big ol thunderclap a few minutes ago and sporadic rain that is trying to be hail. And a little bit of wind on top of it.  Just cold enough for the snow to stay, but not warm enough for the snow to melt.  But there is this nice stripe of blue sky up there.

But I already have 'my' candy picked out. So give away the stuff I don't like first and then see what I end up with.

Oh and the kid has a mild flu since yesterday, so he aint going out tonight. But the wife is buying him a big bunch of candy this afternoon for just him.

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trick or treat!!! :) ...yippie :angel: ...headed out soon...to the family's traditional pillage of my daughter's neighborhood

tomorrow is All Saints Day...some other cultural celebrating of the festival of the dead...really awesome too...

anyway y'all have a happy safe night...no drinkin and drivin please!!...the life lost could be your own...


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