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Which is better McAfee or Avira? Why?.


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well i don't know much about this stuff...but i do know i don't mcafee it comes with my cox...i don't recall it ever catching anything at all...but it's disabled...and i use avg...and my first scan showed my computer was loaded with all kinds of malware

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someone that knows their anti virus stuff will be in here shortly to help answer your question

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The problem with the Anti-Virus(McAfee/Symantec) that is pre-installed on OEM systems, is that they wouldn't want to raise flags against the other pre-installed software crapware on OEM systems.    

So are they going to find everything or just ignore certain files? And then since most people don't know about free alternatives,  an instant paid subscription, after the free trial period, to the pre-installed programs.

Note that McAfee and Symantec were sued by NewYork for automatically renewing peoples subscriptions at the end of one year, since they kept the credit card details on file. McAfee and Symantec lost the case.

I have Avast.   http://avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html  .It's a Nice program.  Works with Windows 7 64 bit. No nag screen. You just have to enter a free key number thats good for a year. And no nagging emails either, from getting the key.

And disable the voice warnings so you don't get spooked all of a sudden if an infection comes to your local.

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welcome to the testmy.net forum daemonkorn...be sure to test your bandwidth while your here...it free and easy...and then browse around...so much to see here...when your done with the techie stuff...check out the fun stuff in the off topic discussion area...

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now i know which is better ^^


why? i scanned my system. ESPECIALLY AT THE WINDOWS

there are lots of VIRUS in there.

after finish scanning. there is a Repair button.

and POoF!!!!! i restart my PC

NOW, i can't open it to the desktop

because i guess there is no OS.

hahaha. files in the WINDOWS

are already DELETED. haha.

now my question is.

how can i reformat my computer?

huhu. :cry:

and i want to learn how, step by step.

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