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All of a sudden I am getting this stupid spam--


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and it seems it's directed to all Direcway people. I am VERY VERY disenchanted with Direcway's service; actually Direcway's everything, and there is no way really to get in touch with them other than the tech support in India.

I am told--or I was told once--that they're having "slow browser problems." I have yelled, threatened to sue,etc. all to no avail. The guy who was supposed to call me back immediately to "solve the problem" as in letting me cancel, of course never called me back. I work so obviously don't have time to spend day after day on the phone. And I don't have to tell you that it's VERY VERY expensive.

Now THIS. The spam that has begun appearing everyday, sometimes three times a day. Of course the "take me off your list" link doesn't work. And Direcway definitely doesn't have an available email address.

Do I hear fellow complainers??? I long for my old dial-up; it was MUCH faster. Never thought I'd say that.


I did email all the people on the forward list to commiserate, and lathough several of them got kicked back, I DID get two replies, both of whom shared my  complete horror experience with this company. One wanted to know if there are any class action suits.

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If it is a legit list with a postal address, it' usually ok to use the link

  Only use the link if you know you signed up for the list or you know why you are on it.  I often get spam that isnt even sent to me, somehow Direcway redirects any spam that is sent to an address somewhat similar to mine to me.  Also, don't post your email address on websites unmasked.  Thats a sure way to get spammed.  If your email address is going to be in the open, always write someone~AT~someisp~DOT~com or some variation of it.
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always write someone~AT~someisp~DOT~com or some variation of it.

If I was the one writing an email address scouring bot... I would TOTALLY write into the source to specifically look for addresses like

someone [at] hotmail [dot] com

someone AT hotmail DOT com

and so on... that would be a very easy addition to an evil script.  :evil6:

Your best bet is to not post your email address anywhere it is shown publically.  Here at testmy.net for instance everyones email address is safe.  Guests can't see anyones email address only registered members... now if a bot got EXTREMELY smart and registered and account here.. verified the activation email my server sends then logs in and spiders that's another story, but that would be an insane spambot... (and for any of you that are scared of that happening you can hide your email from everyone but administrators and moderators in your profile)

season, what you need to do is get another email address and use it ONLY for stuff that's important... use it only for friends and family and for websites you trust not to give out your information (such as testmy.net ;-)http://www.testmy.net/legal/privacy.html) - then use either your spammed direcway email address or setup another email address for websites you don't trust and also use that email address for anything you think may turn into junk mail. 

If direcway doesn't offer you another email address you may want to check the following

Hotmail / MSN email >> http://www.hotmail.com/

Yahoo email >> http://mail.yahoo.com/

Lycos email >> http://mail.lycos.com/

mail.com >> http://www.mail.com/

There are many others, but I some will actually give your email address out (they usually tell you in the terms of service.. fine print)

If all else fails, PM me and I will set you up with a testmy.net email address... I really don't mind doing this for anyone who requests it.  I even have a webmail server so you can check your email even if your not at home, I also run a couple spam filtering programs live on the server that catch anything that may get through.

Myself though... I will always have spam because I own the domain... bots will email [email protected] ~ [email protected] ~ [email protected] and so on.  I seriously myself get about 5 emails with virus attachments per day -- but I have to live with it or ignore all but my personal mailbox... that's life I guess.  :evil6:

Good luck, let me know if you need that mailbox.

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someone [at] hotmail [dot] com

someone AT hotmail DOT com

and so on... that would be a very easy addition to an evil script. :evil6:

i made one in php. Depending on the server you host it from it will come up as  [whatevr name you put] @ [the servers host, or a fake one you specify] also depending on the servers hardware can send in excess of 3k email per-second. Totaly untracable since you can specify your own "sender email addy" and  remove it from 1 server to another simply by uploading / reloading the 9kb php file =)  Based off a "networking IM program " before instant messengers were out, just tweaked to send messages via email.

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