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Want a Gmail address?


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i still have only 6 invitations

actually now down to 4, but not 50 like i have heard lots of people saying around

any news when gmail is going officialy out so people can sign up?

According to the help section, they're still in beta.

so exactly what is a g-mail account do :roll: ill take one tho :D

- 1,000 megabytes (one gigabyte) of free storage

- Built-in Google search that instantly finds any message you want

- Automatic arrangement of messages and related replies into


- Text ads and related pages that are relevant to the content of your messages

To learn more about Gmail before registering, visit:


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yea ive seen that site and ive got two defenses for that:

1. okay thats totally a bunch of bull...

2. even if it is true, what are you going to be sending through the email that u really need that much privacy for... even then, u should copy it to your computer and delete the email anyways...

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;) The point of privacy is that what may be acceptable today will be "BAD" tomorrow. In the recent century that just passed for example all governments that have made their citzens register the guns when they were "legal" used that information  to take them away at a later date. The best example I can use is Nazi Germany, and even worse if you read the gun laws from the good ole U.S.A. from 1968 you will see that this "law" was almost an exact replica from their (Germany's) law. I know most ppl are not interested in History but the sad truth is that it does repeat itself because ppl don't care to make themselves  aware of it.To me thats why each so called "right " that we have is important that it not be allowed to be taken away........even the one's I dont like, of course this is just my opinion I could be wrong!!!.......but it is very easy for ppl 2c for themselves, if only they cared. Usually when it affects the average person it has gone way to far to stop and it's to late because the party is already over...... Meh but who really cares about a unimportant thing like privacy......... I DO!!!

8) Microwave

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