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Program that cools down your comp


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If you have a computer with top spects and are not woried about problems, maybe.  I cant find exactly what the program does to the cpu other then "decreases temps"

"However a cheap PC with low-quality components could possible be crashed by CpuIdle"

Q: When I'm running CpuIdle my system seems to freeze irregularly?

A: If CpuIdle this can have the following reason: either your power supply or mainboard voltage regulation module (VRM) could be insufficient for CpuIdle. Since the CPU constantly goes to sleep and wakes up again, this can be a high strain for poor power supplies/ mainboards. Please check the following entry as well. 

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does any one know any program that u can controll the speed (voltage) in your fans

i got a laptop about 4 fans  on it, and it does cause a bitch of a noize when i am talking on a microphoen and stuff

does any one know a program to controll the fanspeeds?

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well....programs like cpuidle or whatever it is have proved quiete useful to me at least.....i use a similar prorgram on one of my systems called coolerxp....it's AMD based, and it allows me to run about 37-39 idle and about 45 under load.....so i dont know :) my computer seems to like it

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I cant find a program that supports my motherboard (Dell 4700) either.  I didnt like using any such programs on my old computer because it tends to just slow the computer down to lower temps.  An extra fan is a good investment if your computer is running warm.  My hard drives were both running at about 125-130 degrees (the max operating temp is 131).  I added a single fan and now they run at 84 - 92 degrees.  :cool:

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