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TestMy.Net Buy-Sell-Trade Dept.?


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imo, it would be sweet, but like mudman said....it may be a little too much for everyone to moderate....now if CA3LE wanted to investigate into this, he'd probably also have to have a "team" of specific moderators for it, but then again, we'd have to implement policy, be liable for investigations, set up a whole new site basically. it would be sweet, but i dont think thats what ca3le wants from his site.

still a cool idea though!

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If you guys want it... I'll build it.

... keep developing the idea and I'll check back. ;) -- figure out among yourselves who will moderate it, you don't need to already be a mod. If I like the idea and I think it's a good fit for the site, I'll make it happen.


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Just an idea to build from, or re write yourself if you so desire. Decent IPS mod for just the occasion. Haven't used it because I really have no community in that sense.


I would say Nexus, but thats much more heavy, and geared more towards the site owner. I use it on three sites and it works like it should , and always improving. Although I have a full blown eCommerce suite for a more serious situation , Nexus is nothing to toss a stick at.

Either way you go , honestly we know 98% of the people that would use it would have no issue at all, more or less self moderating in a sense. And i personally feel that someone like conuck is just the level headed person that fits the bill to oversee the over see erz . Thats if he has time or the care to get into it.

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