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newegg reviews LOL


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i was just messing around looking at reviews for the high end gpu's on newegg and came across this review from a user named Swish. Enjoy.

EDIT- i might add that this is the review for an EVGA GTX690

I bought it to play some Super Mario 64 ROM's - my 680 SLI setup was dipping below 2000 FPS. Works great! I'm even hitting 3500 FPS at lucky spots when there's no Koopas on the screen.

It works really well on my 13" CRT monitor - I had to buy a hdmi-VGA adapter, sadly, and that added like 10 bucks to my already - $1000 purchase. I think I'll upgrade from this old 240p thing to 480p in a month or so!

So far I love this card. I might get another one to put in SLI - I'd love it if I could hit 10,000 FPS on Super Mario 64! Sadly, that's the only game I have right now, I'll have to get a Pokemon rom later on, see how it can handle that. I might even try Minecraft! We'll see.

I'm worried my Intel Pentium Single-Core from '09 might be bottlenecking this a little, but at the frames I'm getting it should be all right.

Side-note: I had to cut a hole in my old Micro-ATX case for this to even fit.

Also, is it bad if my cat peed on it? Either way, I'm just happy I can get so much smoother frames in Mario

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