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Hiya TMN & forum view style quirk


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You've built Quite a site ca3le ! thanks! much appreciated

I'm surprised I _never_ heard of the site until 3 months ago!?!!

Site functionality has been great! … until today!?!??

The forum view is basically without any styling when

using Safari 3.2.1 . App restart nor browser cache purge

nor system reboot has helped.

Firefox 14.0.1 has the same style quirk with

defaults in NoScript (NS), RequestPolicy(RP).

Once I enabled NS & RP wrt testmy.net AND

tmnstatic.com, then forum views correctly.

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First, welcome to TestMy.net and you're welcome!  I'm glad you like what I've built.  I've been at it for a very long time, building this site is my passion.


If you're using NoScript or RequestPolicy or any other Internet security software you have to whitelist tmnstatic.com.  I serve my static content through a different domain name for a couple of reasons.  First, being under a different domain name it tricks your browser into opening more threads to load the page.  This makes the page load faster.  Second, it's served under a 'cookieless domain' so I cut down on request headers which saves a little bandwidth because the cookie information isn't added to the headers of all the requests on that domain name.  If I didn't do that unnecessary cookie data would be added to the request headers for every request.  So, you load the page and all of the images (for instance) would have extra unnecessary information added to every single request.  This is a relatively small savings but extrapolated across so many images and other requests the savings starts to add up.  Then if you extrapolate that over ALL of TMN's traffic... then it really starts to add up.  I try to save as much bandwidth and requests as I can, it's easier on the client and easier on the server.  I want my bandwidth to go to testing connections not loading pages.  Things load much faster with the optimizations I have in place.   ... unrelated but I also minify and gzip and cache whenever I can.  Saving even more bandwidth and speeding up page loads.  I also serve tmnstatic.com from a CDN, so when something is requested from that domain name you download the information from one of many datacenters that may be closer to you than TMN's home server.  This speeds up loading time even further.


If tmnstatic.com is being blocked for any reason... resources needed for the pages to load properly won't be loaded.  So the page output will be totally off.      ... obviously, tmnstatic.com is a trusted domain, as long as you trust TestMy.net. :razz:


As long as you don't have a third party program blocking that and your browser is set to default settings you shouldn't have any problems.  Every browser I've tested, under default configuration without add-on's like yours, has loaded perfectly for me.  Even very old, outdated browsers.

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Safari 3.2.1 shows home page, testing & related live pages, /results, /quickstats/… display fine, but GUI for Forums, Profile are fouled; seems to be missing a CSS ref or 2 or…

FWIW, OpenDNS via Safari 3.2.1 looks even Worse ;) nearly unusable


Safari doesn't appear to hit any 404 or site blocks for TMN


Thankfully FF 14 and Opera 12.02 work fine, as does iOS 6.0.1 Safari & 3rd-party iOS browsers


So Lad you've more important, much more useful coding to explore, support… press on :-) don't sweat this one at All!

-this GUI glitch is No problem for me…just another motivation to get beyond OSX 10.5.x ;)



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