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Qwesterylink has New FO ran so Im Curious about Quality Speed etc.


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So back when Qwesterylink was just Qwest, they had Horrific speeds (or lack of speed) I signed up for the 1.5 MB/s Down Tier and when I complained about the speeds being about 786KB/s Down was informed I was to far away from CO and was not going to get the Speed Tier I ordered but they did not lower my Rate to the lower package Price and so I dropped them and went with Comcast Possibly AT&T at the time not sure.

Supposedly they have just finished their Fibre Optic Upgrade which puts the FO Junction about 2 Blocks away from my House and of course the ground pounders were out banging on everyones door trying to get people to hook up with The internet/phone/Direct TV  package.

 They claim they can now guarantee (If I pay their tech to install the DSL router) 40MB/s Download speeds at my house.

I have had Comcast for 7 years and I have been getting _______'d for some time by them and am so sick of my bill going higher and higher and higher.

Started at $99 a month for the Phone/Internet/TV Package and without getting any better Service/More Channels etc. it has climbed to about $200  a month.

I see they have a Internet/PH Package for $92 a month Guaranteed 40MB/s Download speed and Guaranteed 5 year no increase and was thinking about dropping my Internet and Phone with Comcast and just getting basic Cable only (as I can watch Netflix,Vudu,Hulu, you tube etc. on my Sony Streaming unit or computer hooked to TV via HDMI cable but was curious as to what others thought of the Internet Speed in Reality and Quality of service Ie down time /Phone quality etc.


If the service is decent I can shed about $75 or more off my monthly bills

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I still use all those free channels if I watch TV.  I much prefer the no pay antennae way myself. And maybe one day I will buy a new TV and get rid of the silly digital box. And the antennae is so mobile. Why pay for movies with the internet. :cheesy:

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Qwest's / Centurylink's price lock.  haha, I think it's funny. 
Okay, so they lock you in at that price.  But they also lock you in at that speed.  Dude, in 5 years 40 Mbps will be laughable. Sure, you get that price guaranteed... but if you want to change anything... bye bye deal. In 5 years I think a 40 Mbps connection will be like a 1.5 Mbps connection is today. You'll start to see people passing you up and you'll never make it to 5 years... I know I wouldn't.   ... they know that. But they also know that some people will stick with it because they feel like they can't leave because of the 'deal' they have 'locked' in.  A 40 Mbps line will be cheaper in 5 years than right now, as speeds like that become more of a standard.
So I had Centurylink / Qwest a few years ago.  40/20.  They delivered my package, reliable service... loved the 20 Mbps upload. But it never felt as snappy as a cable connection.  It didn't respond as quickly and had higher latency.  Yes, I could pull my speed but it just never felt as good as cable, even a slower cable connection would have browsed better.  Cable is superior technology in comparison to twisted pair.  Now if you can get Centurylink to install fiber all the way to your house... different story.  But currently they only do fiber to the node... at least in Phoenix.  Yet they sell themselves as "Centurylink's Fiberoptic Fast Internet!" --- your connection with them has as much fiber as pretty much any other network out there. Cox for instance has had a "ring in ring" redundant fiber network in most of their markets since before cable Internet was invented... in some instance even before the Internet itself was popular. Fiber isn't new technology. But selling twisted pair and misleading people with the phrase "fiber optic fast" ... that's pretty new.  haha.  Read it again, "fiber optic fast" -- they never say it's fiber optic.... it's fast LIKE fiber optic.  haha.  Oh marketing douches, what will you think of next.
I haven't worked for Cox since 2004... I don't gain anything by telling you this.  I just want to warn you that the grass is probably greener on the cable side.
At least Centrylink stopped doing contracts.  

... although when I wanted to get out of mine I just gave them an address to an area that didn't have their service and said, "No service there? Awww, too bad.. guess I'll have to get cable... so I guess I'm out of that contract!" -- that trick works with a lot of places.  I bet you could even get out of a cellular contract that way, "I'm moving to Bolivia! You don't have service there."  -- lol, try it!

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