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I was looking under Database/Member Rank and I noticed I cannot find myself listed there.

Is there any specific reason why I cannot find myself? like is the ranking listed by last say 20 tests average or average since we joined?

I would think average since we joined would be unfair since ISP speeds have increased X 100 I believe since I joined and older results would really bring down average.

Just curious that's all :)

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It's taking your underscore and making it a space... 




The program that ranks ISPs is the same as the one that ranks members.  For ISPs I want to strip unwanted characters and capitalize letters.  I didn't realize that it was manipulating the usernames like that.  I went in and fixed it real fast.




On your results your username was also being capitalized (you can't see this yourself because for you it says "My Results").  I fixed that too.  People's usernames should be displayed how they typed them.


As EBrown said, ranking and stats go by your username not display name.  Display name is mostly for the forum. ... however in your case your display name and username are the same so you'd be looking for spudler_t either way. :-P

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