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I'm running it on a late 2014 5K iMac, 2 late 2013 rMBP's and a mid 2011 iMac.  I'll upgrade my 2008 Mac mini soon and let you know how it goes on one that old... from what I've seen I'd bet it's smooth.

Every computer I'm running it on is super stable and all havn't rebooted since they were upgraded a couple weeks ago.  examples...

Damons-MacBook-Pro:~ CA3LE$ uptime

 8:51  up 14 days, 13:23, 4 users, load averages: 1.09 1.22 1.23

Damons-5K-iMac:~ CA3LE$ uptime

 8:50  up 12 days, 20:36, 3 users, load averages: 1.73 1.59 1.55

IMO, this upgrade is one of the best I've seen.  It addressed some annoyances without being all in your face with changes.  Felt like a reboot... accept on the laptops where I REALLY notice speed increases in terms of waking up and getting online.  Some browser tabs in Yosemite would take a long time to respond when I'd come back to the computer after leaving for a while... even when the power management was set to an always on state.  It would do this especially with Google Analytics and AdSense but google.com and testmy.net would load quickly.  It would take up to a few minutes before reloading the tab would have any affect, otherwise it just sits there loading until it timed out.  Just on the Macbook's, I never saw that on my iMacs.  Using Chrome or Firefox helped but it still would sometimes take 30+ seconds to get on the wifi.    After the El Capitan update the first thing I noticed is if it's coming back from sleep it takes only a second to get back on the network.  And the tabs that gave me issues load up instantly now.  It's saving me time right there... possibly up to 1 frustrating, finger tapping hour a month.  :blink:

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The 2008 mini ram is max @ 4 gigs and a C2D right? 

If so that is the one I'm more interested in.

 Considering those are the specs the mid 2007 MBP has. Which the machine will run Yosemite, but it's not reasonably usable. The problem eludes me, the GUI is sluggish to the point of agony after just a few minutes of runtime. I chalked it up to memory leakage. True or not I have no proof. 

So capitan could be viable. Just don't care to go through all that if it's going to need re imaged with 10.9.5 again. 

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7 minutes ago, CA3LE said:

I think you're going to like it.  

Nothing like Yosemite thus far. (In terms of pure slow muck) I've not done much of anything as of yet though. What I have done, more or less TMN only, Safari is vastly more efficient. 

Have to wait a few days before I have the chance to really push it. Such as having photoshop, coda, a few shells open ect, 


I was considering adding 2 more gigs to the current four, guess this old bastage can handle 6. Not found a 4gig stick for less than ~50 bucks = not gonna happen. 

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      This weekend, a notice appeared on Transmissionbt.com warning users that version 2.90 of the popular Mac BitTorrent client downloaded from their site may have been infected with malware. The warning reads:
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      How are you people getting flash to function within safari OSx 10.9
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      Please stop developing in flash. Just allow it to croak belly up peacefully. 
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      I should not have none the less I updated already. Not a new install. 
      To be honest who ever is not a bit leery of free shit, should be. Not sure why the 'gift' - although I could speculate several different ways, though I have my tin foil hat on, so think about it with everything that we see today. 
      Update went well, first impression - geezus would you have a look at the crisp colors on everything. 
      Memory compression? Ok sure , running less processes combined makes the system several percentage points faster not just by feel. 
      Added menu bars to other screens, yea it works so far for me, although after less than one day into this, I dunno. 
      Overall so far fine, not an issue one in any sense. Updated a few softwares and off and running. 
      Something however has a creepy feel to it, maybe this is in my head, likely. None the less I'll be watching my external firewall logs to see just what traffic is moving when I am not doing anything, and hopefully flagging anything not intended for transmission. 
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