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Introducing myself

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Hi everyone!!

I´m ed_1960 and I´m a newcomer. I wanted to join this community because in the past I´ve had quite a few problems with different ISPs. Many of them claim internet speed connections that are not true. By joining this community I hope to learn how internet connections are measured and how to track them, so I´ll have a tool I can use and trust next time I feel I´m not getting the INTERNET speed I´m paying for. Also, I´d like to get to know some other people who I can share information with in order to enrich my little knowledge of INTERNET connections as a whole.


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Welcome to TMN!

Hope you learn a lot!

Try multiple types of test to better understand your results. Compare it to your package you pay for and also don't forget that speed from your ISP will vary during preak and off-peak hours... at least it has variants in my area.



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Hi I'm Ronald newbie.. from other forum. I need to learn more information about free internet. That's why I need to membership here TMN.. I KNOW ALOT INFORMATION IN THIS SITE. AND I KNOW ALOT FRIENDS HERE TO TEACH ME ABOUT INTERNET SETTINGS.. THANKS AND GOD BLESS.

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