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sygate or wndows firewall?


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its quiet ok

but still the 80/20 rules

they spend 100% of the time to make 80% of the program running

to get rid of the other 20% of the flaws now they need to spend another 100% of the time

which most companies never spend that extra unless its for banking system, critical stuff that cant fail

but windows fails a lot !!! well some its better then before i agree. but not good enough yet

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I agree with everything peepnklown said.  I couldn't have said it better.  Hardware firewalls are much better and I think most software firewalls I've tested are mostly alot of bells and whistles to lull the end-user into a sense of false security and make them believe it is doing something important/useful but many software firewalls can be killed, tunneled, DoS'd, flooded, exploited, ect. so don't think that your safe and secure cause your not.  As for Microsoft's built-in firewall that is a simplistic gimmick and a total piece of crap and personally I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except my worst enemies.. :haha::twisted::lol:

But if you want a software firewall to add to ur hardware firewall then try Sygate Pro or Tiny Firewall if you must.  I tend towards Tiny Firewall since it uses Snort rule sets or a rip of them anyway.  ;)



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Sorry man but ZA is the worst firewall out there. I have tested every software firewall i could get my hands on extensively, being that i am a security nut  :lol: The 2 best were Agnitum outpost and Tiny personal firewall. Sygate is decent and ZA was so full of holes you could use it for a sieve (did i spell that right  :oops:)

But yeah nothing beats a hardware firewall ;)

i tried sygate damn that sucked. also tried tried outpost, that is pretty good. zone alarm has been very good so far for me :D

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