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What you think about my SIG


What you think about my sig?  

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  1. 1. What you think about my sig?

    • Keep it
    • Its ok
    • Neutral, dont notice it
    • Not really good
    • Seek some help please

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just- : basically it looks good but at least on my screen the frame is over part of the head it makes it look flat or cut off.I think what you need to do is show less of the legs .second choice would be make the alien smaller.

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i can move the alien down

and show more of his green head :)

I think thats what you should it would look right that way .now it looks like a photo where they didn't get the top part of your(the aleins) head when they took it.I don't mean to be critical but it will look better that way .other than that it looks real good.

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i dont know what is the green thing also

but when i 1st came to testmy.net forum the 1st forums i started posting seriously i didnt had an avatar

so i think i searched in google for alien or stupid stuff and that came up

and i had nothing better so i used it

and i am sticking with it, i dont know why

what about this one ?

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how many days for FIOS?

countdown has begain how many ?

I wish I knew.... The vault WITH fiber is in my back yard. I watched them splicing it one Saturday morning. Verizon has been advertising that it is NOW ready and they're doing installs all around us. Don't have a scheduled date yet. One of the contractor techs told me that it would be about two weeks. That was two weeks ago. I guess it might take awhile. They laid fiber in the entire town of Leesburg to every home and business. There's a parade of Verizon trucks out on the roads every day.

I'll wait, my 3/1 wireless is holding up fine, and I'll be keeping it. The FIOS is going to replace the cable, which has both sucked AND blown since day one

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just : I like the position of the alien in this one.I don't think the lightening bolt looks right .If you use it it needs to be more in proportion to the alien & I agree with bwt1953 in his hand.I think a ray gun shooting out a beam would look cool.Or maybe something shooting out of the pointing finger.

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what does rad mean?

i just came out of a business system development exam and rad for me means rapid application design

i dont think thats what u mean is it ?

hmmm...it could mean that.... i always took it for either "radical" or "radiator"....but i suppose that interpretation is both subjective and relative....so its whatever you want just-

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ok seems like a general thing that u like the new one

so i  will keep it

not to sure about the animation and if it is anoying to people that u have something flashing

i tried not to make it flash every second.

is it anoying, to often or what ?

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