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Dual Road Runner

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I know dual wan routers have been talked about before, but I would like to know if it is possible to subscribe to two connections from rr. If it is possible to have two cable modems, then would I be able to hook them up to a dual wan router and use some type of load balancing? Just wondering if its possible to have 2 rr accounts at one house...

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i dont think they would give u 2 RR connections...they would probably just up your cap on one connection--seems less hassle that way

Oh theirs no way in hell they'd up the cap.. trust me I know... even after 50 + calls, they will NOT upgrade your package unless you go to a already pre-made higher package.. aka "premium.  :rolleyes:

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The thing about time warner is the account numbers.  They are based on addresses, not names.  Therefore, if cable has been in 3 other peoples names before yours, your account number is something like 12345-4.  The dash signifies how many have had an account before your's.

A simple way to get around that is to claim you are renting a room in a house that has road runner and you want your own connection.  Your address will be 123-A Main Street or something like that.

I have seen it done, and installed it myself.  It mainly depends on the intelligence of the person you order it from, and the intelligence of the installer.

Since the speed cap is at the hub based on the MAC address of the modem, yes, you will double your speed.

It would probably be cheaper to just go with a business connection.  I know in some cities they offer twice the speed, and a static IP for not that much more.

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I live in upstate NY and I have a friend with RoadRunner and he plugs his modem into a switch and he has two different IPs, two 5000/384 connections. I believe I could do the same thing, but I haven't tried yet, it's pretty sweet....

The only problem with that is that those speeds doubled  wouldn't be much better than a lot of people's normal speeds.  10/768 to my 6/768  :haha:  But you sure can't beat double the speed for the price of one.

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