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A Good Firewall For RR??

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Router has a built in firewall, and for most people, that should be enough.

i remember seeing somewhere that a router firewall only blocks inbound (either that, or only outbound) traffic, and so a software firewall is still good thing to have.

p.s. i dont know if thats 100% true, if anyone knows, some info would be nice  :D

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That's true wingzero

A hardware firewall only blocks inbound traffic. Which means it prevents hackers from attacking you. But it doesn't block outbound traffic, which means that for instance if you download a poker game  to try it, and that game came with hidden malicious software, then after you install it, the program is able to perform an action known as "call home", which basically means, communicate with it's creator, to send info about you. That's where the hardware firewalls fail.

Personally I hate firewalls. But they're a neccesary annoyance nowadays. They may be boring, annoying, and all you want, but if you don't use one, basically you're f**ked! Especially if you have a broadband connection like most people in these forums.

So, eventhou I despite firewalls, I use 2. One is my ethernet router, and the other one is zone alarm. Actually right now I'm only using zone alarm, since I recently moved and I haven't got the time to configure my network propperly and install the router.

Now, about zone alarm I must tell you. I've used it since a couple of years ago, and loved the older versions, but the version I have right now, if you

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