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Free AOL Acount W/ RoadRunner?!?!?

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You can't go into the regular aol chat rooms with aim........just the free aim chats.

Wait a minute. You mean there are places where you can go online and PAY to chat with middle aged, balding, overweight men posing as hot, virgin teenage girls? Why didn't someone tell me this before?!?!

:haha:  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:

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Why? would anyone want a free AOL account. Although it is worth that much. With RR you get all you need w/o AOL.

'jake_NM. (non-RR and non-AOL).

i have no idea why anyone would want free aol, but here are people out there that will take advantage of this one.

BTW welcome to the forum.

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