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lol 4 months wow

CraZy VaMoS222

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come on man chill out he just asks alot of questions and is pissed off cause there is no better internet around and whatever else he has problems with and your gonna ban him cause he makes a dumb post?  that makes this site look bad is people saying that just delete dumb posts and try to talk instead of say ban him.

not trying to fight just keep peace :) :)

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Can someone please ban this guy??.... he is just a waste of time and makes this board looks bad

There is no need for posts like this. I have yet to see him insult anyone. Maybe hes not real familiar with message boards. You know now everyone spends alot of time on the net. Everyone is new sometime. If you dont like something someone is doing just PM me or another mod and we will deal with it.  :D Everyone messes up and does stupid stuff, you want proof look in resop's sig, he has a nice quote from me that makes no sence. But it did to me when I wrote it. :haha:
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