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Cable modem experts I have theoretical question for you!


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If you had the choice between [downstream signal level 0, upstream say about 50] or [downstream 7, upstream 44], which would you prefer or this an entirely moot point?  I live in a small town without the greatest of upgrades to their cable system and despite speeds of over 4mbps during low traffic periods and despite upgrading all of the cable from the curb to my house, I still go to periodic upstream levels of 58 on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  I suspect that may be all the higher the SB5100 will record.  In response to this, I purchased a cable amplifier, however, when the temp drops into the 50s, the downstream levels go above +15.  I have purchased a Radio Shack $10 adjustable attenuater  that works really great and 90% of the time I can manipulate the down and up signals, the point of my question.  Interestingly though, during those 58 periods even if I amp to 17 or 18 it may only bring upstream readings down to 56 or 57.  So what do you think?

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I say you've got issues that the local techs need to take care of, but I remember your earlier posts stating how difficult it is to get something done in your area.

You are correct about the 58dB being the max output on your modem.

It may be transmitting 58 (max), but it may want to transmit at 62dB ideally, but it can't.

If the amp is helping, I would worry more about the high transmit than the high receive level.

Either way, the transmit levels should never fluctuate by 14+ dB like yours are, the receive levels, on the other hand, will fluctuate a few dB with the hot days and cool nights, that's normal.

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