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Hdd defrag


How often do you defrag your hard drive?  

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  1. 1. How often do you defrag your hard drive?

    • Every week
    • Every 2 weeks
    • Every month
    • Every 6 months
    • Never

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Is there any damage in defragging you hard drive often? Or is that just another of those pc myths that are just not true.. Cuz a friend of mine that works with computers (repair of pcs) told me that with older hard drives, after defragging them, they may just quit on you or not work at all.. Is that true for new hard drives as well, or are both of those statements just false? :D

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The more you move data around on your HDD the more wear and tear it absorbes. Same thing with erasers. I run a HDD eraser about once a month to kill off any dormant data (we all know recycle bin doesnt actually remove data) that might interfere with new stuff and to kill off viruses that can reload themselves, but again this wears out the HDD faster. I love System Suite 6 and it has a smart drive check that can tell you if your hard drive is near failure.

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since we talking about HD and them failing i am wondering if anyone knows of any stats concerning the goggle data center.

i heard they travel around with trolleys full of hard disk replacing them all the time cause they just wear out.

is this true

how often does a HD die in their dc?

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hi catamaran

not sure if they sell it with 5 year warranty to google

i dont think google buys HD at the high street price either

I can't argue with that...if an entity buys bulk drives from Seagate, some sort of warranty would be implied and serviced by either that entity or Seagate.

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after defragging my hdd for the first time, i get files that are fragmented in the analysis report everytime i run the windows defrag.. when i run the 1st defrag a couple of days ago, i had 0 files listen under fragmented.. now this 6mb file has 58 fragments.. any recommendations or thoughts on that? :D

EDIT: I scanned my other partitions and i have roughly 20-30 files showed under a category as fragmented.. Is this normal after the first scan or did the first scan just not show them cuz there were too many or something? In my first scan I had much more red regions than I have now :D

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I do a maintenance program once a week  I have not yet spent any monies on an automatic program because it also takes up systems resources when you place it in the scheduler. and i have done this for years and see no harm to the HDD not saying it could though

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