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Microsoft Vista theme require !!!!!


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THANKS RAY RAY! ive been looking for that link for so long now lol, i have the theme but i wanted the link to install it on my other comp too

You are welcome Ryan!!  I love that theme and if any of you wants that look for your computer/s make it look VISTA'

if you don't want all the toolbars and extras that come with it, just go to the crystalxp website, click on visual themes and download the vista one.. you may need a patch in order to use that theme but after I patched my system, I can use their various themes (and they look good too) :)

Thats right'' as you can see on my screenshot a few posts below i have most everything i want' but im still looking for more and more themes so i can change it and not get bord of the same theme'

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No, I gotta say, it really isn't your right...I got the Ultimate Edition, lol, so... :-P it kicks @$$  :D

But, you do need a really powerful computer. Anyway, what's funny is that you can acutally set Vista from the default theme to the older style, though I'm not sure why you would... :cool:

hehe.. I got the new OS for the theme and now i want the older OS look :D

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I went ahead and picked up Windowblinds 5 to see what's really going on with it. I must say, it's very smooth and light on the system even though it's using my video card's hardware. I'm happy to report that the Vista theme looks/functions great. :) The Glass interface is smokin'!

WindowBlinds 5 Brings Vista UI to XP

- Version 5 of Stardock's flagship Windows customization software has been in the works for over a year, according to company CEO Brad Wardell. Initially, Wardell's team was dubious that such features could be added without severe performance lag to Windows XP, which lacks Vista's new advanced graphics subsystem.

However, the recent shift to DirectX-enabled graphics hardware from ATI and Nvidia has opened the door for the next-generation of user interfaces. Windows Vista will utilize hardware acceleration to ensure a snappy UI, and Stardock says WindowBlinds 5 does the same for Windows XP. -

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