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    • I would want to know if in anyway, checking internet bandwidth online from sites like '' affects overall bandwidth. Am being told to avoid checking speed online as it affects & chokes bandwidth. My question is for office internet that is using a DSL connection which is shared among the office staff. I was working on ROR scripting and somehow due to low bandwidth provided, my scripts were failing. So I asked the IT guy after checking my bandwidth online, he said, first of don't check bandwidth online, it chokes & affects our overall bandwidth. It was bit illogical statement for me as how can checking my PC's bandwidth affects the rest of the bandwidth?

      Can anyone share his knowledge in this regard!

    • It looks like you are using Multithreaded testing. Disable Multithread and choose the nearest test server to you.   to disable Multithread, use the link at the top right of the home page.    Choose a test server using the link at the top right - next to the Multithread link.   test a few times and post the results here.    
    • Today, during yet another worthless 'field tech' appointment re our Suddenlink ("suddenLYUNlinked" as we call them) speeds crawling along at amazing slow speeds, then spiking to very high (DL/incoming), then [the modem freaks out due to the spike, as explained to me once by a suddenlink phone tech support rep], I tried showing the TWO suddenlink tech employees that the site they wanted me to test at (https://SPACEfastDOTcom) was a 'flash-based' test and therefore not truly accurate for reasons detailed here at They refused to even consider what I was saying. (Typical suddenlink.)  I tried showing them the graph and the individual entries from the auto tests (both tmn and not, both DL/UP, and DL only) I've been running ever 10-15 mins. for days and days. Again, no interest. Either they had no idea what I was talking about, or they just flat out weren't interested in any info source that conflicted with their canned 'you're getting exactly [the speeds] what you are supposed to' canned, unhelpful, useless speech. They refused TO EVEN LOOK at the screenshot I'd saved on the 'why flash tests aren't accurate' website info page. And the fight continues......... (after one tech actually agreed that I might just have to switch to 56k dial-up fro days of old..... figures, right?)
    • ok i changed provider about a month ago and wanted to check my net was working ok as its now with sse my sync speed is 79.9 and loads says 11 yesterday i did 2 speed test on and it says downstream was 23mb second time was 12mb  i tried a torrents file and that came down above 7mb/s  then tried a Ookia and that said 74mb and a second time still says 74mb tried a speed test on my android with some other speed test app and that said 75mb tried again and said about 18mb  I'm confused with the torrent file coming down more than 7mb/s , i know is supposed to be more accurate ,but is the reading right or am i missing some thing 
    • I want to write a batch file that automates the process of getting speedtest data for multiple machines. I want the batch file to run automatically the combined test and import the final results into a file. I can set Page= and then use wget to put the Page variable into a file,  however the file does not have the results page in it, that you get after the test is done, and those are the results I need in the file. I want to this info to be gathered without any user interaction.   Is it possible? Please advise as this is time sensitive.  Thanks 
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