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    • In, addition to everything xs1 said, some of the speed problems can come from your equipment, your distance from the cell towers, interference between your dish and the towers, varying levels of noise vs good signal, etc.   Does your router hold a sim card or is it one of those package dish deals? If you absolutely cannot operate without the company provided dish, then you may be locked in to what you have. If the important part is the router (e.g. it holds a sim card, or software that gives you service, etc.) then you might look into a directional antenna. There are many out there with the right type of cabling to plug into a router. Most of the newer routers provided by company's for people who need broadband have the right connectors too. I've seen people who live waaaayyyyy out in the country go from 10 down and 1 up to 100 down and 40 up (although they didn't do their testing on testmy.net like a bunch of chumps) with the right equipment and setup and were able to have multiple streaming devices. One person I know was even able to host a small torrent server his speeds were so good.   tl;d 4g can be really good but it takes the right set up
    • That would be lovely.   Is it difficult to get the word out about testmy.net? My hunch is that 99% of internet users don't perceive and won't understand the problem testmy.net addresses in addition to many who just assume testmy.net is wrong. But then again people often surprise me and one won't get anywhere assuming 99% of people wont like a product. Or maybe some of it may be SEO related? On google, testmy.net comes up in the middle of the second page. On duckduckgo, its the first result revealed after one clicks "see more results". I myself found testmy randomly through an LTE equipment forum post. I'm super grateful I did, and look forward to what new things come out. To the casual internet user one test tool may seem as good as any other, I would think. But there I go getting myself in trouble thinking again...
    • Checking in as requested....      89.4 Mbs Download via a wireless bridge.... 11.5 Mbs Upload..... Spectrum   100 Mbs advertised speed..
    • Yeah, but we need more forum traffic like way back when.   Forums took a hit by the ZuckerWeb and we need to reclaim them.
    • I'm lurkin' too. Reconfiguring my server cluster for high availability. Some pretty killer backend upgrades. Pretty sweet, all coming together nicely.   You may be able to notice when the site has migrated to the new setup. Some really heavy database queries in testing are returning at least twice as fast as they currently do. In the latest configuration I'm running directly off 100% Optane memory. I swear, it's alien technology.   It's not about how fast it is, there's faster (on paper, if only scratching the surface -- totally different story in the real-world) -- but it's at what queue depth that matters. And there are NAND drives out there that perform amazing. But what none of them have compared to Optane...   Optane can write directly to memory without the need for DRAM cache, it's THAT fast Optane doesn't need to first erase the cell before writing Optane has nearly unlimited write endurance Optane loses no performance as the drive fills up Optane does not require trim (goes on and on really) -- it's in between RAM and NAND   For my workload it feels the same as going from HDD to solid state. Or from solid state to raid-10 solid state. It's that big of a difference, mind blowing really. Over just a few days of testing I thrashed it with about 60 TB of data and it never broke a sweat -- literally, the drive didn't fluctuate in temp.   SMART/Health Information (NVMe Log 0x02) Critical Warning: 0x00 Temperature: 40 Celsius Available Spare: 100% Available Spare Threshold: 0% Percentage Used: 0% Data Units Read: 48,816,551 [24.9 TB] Data Units Written: 105,693,840 [54.1 TB] Host Read Commands: 937,508,694 Host Write Commands: 1,177,333,140   It just sits there at 40°C like, "Is that really all you've got? Do you realize who I am? HIT ME! I DARE YOU! This is my idle temp FOO!"    -- in other words, it's bad ass. It's a different kind of memory entirely.   Old but relevant video describing 3D XPoint (cross point)    
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