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    • No Prob man I am sure you have other things in life to do as well. 
    • Looking into some things and will get back with you after the weekend. Sorry for the delayed response.
    • @CA3LEI do not want to sound Like I am complaining or not appreciative of all your work and this site (I have been helped by this site when dealing with Comcast/Xfinity more then I can every express) BUT I still have this feeling something is up with the tests and recently (Post started awhile back) I had an Issue that makes me feel even stronger though you may have a perfect explanation as to why my download speed test results rarely get above 500 Mbps. About a week or so ago Windows 11 had a update 22H2 and I installed it and as soon as I did I started having extreme problems with my GPU in iRacing (I do no other gaming or sim stuff so it is all I can base from) I could not run a session due to my FPS drop below 50  causing stuttering etc., at that time I was unaware it was the 22H2 update and Nvidia Driver conflict so I Uninstalled iRacing completely as was instructed by iracing and did a complete re install which caused me to have to download all of the tracks and cars etc. I have acquired since I started in 2018 which came to be a large amount just south of 50 Gb. It just so happened I had my Task manager open on Performance with the ethernet tab open when  I started the download and was expecting it to take awhile if my download speeds are running under 500 Mbps. To my Surprise and Joy to be honest I noticed it was displaying my download speed between 900 Mbps to 1.3 Gbps and a majority of the download was in the 1000-1100 Mbps range (1-1.1 Gbps) I am not at all as Knowledgeable in the working as you are but wouldn't that of been a really accurate test of my download speed since it was a good size download that took a bit to complete? Also I am on the west coast (Milwaukie, Oregon) and the server I was downloading from was in Boston so it is not like it was a short distance between the server and myself.   I only bring this up as I am Puzzled at the speed results I get in tests and in case something is off I want to help you notice it as I really do appreciate this site and all the time I have been able to benefit from it.
    • Both test dont fully complete. Also having some issues with webpages not fully loading. I have verizon fios gig service. Any help would be great. Thanks
    • So the original tests were performed before I logged in.  I actually had an account that I didn't know I created.  Moving forward everything should be saved in my history.   When Ookla starts to see below 34Mbps the Twitch bandwidth test shows issues and it is not uncommon to see issues with services. Now that I am using Testmy it seems that even though Ookla will show a speed that on paper looks fine, Testmy is inline with the Twitch bandwidth tool showing there is an issue.    Is there an IP list for the Dallas servers or a specific address I can run a continuous ping or traceroute to?  Seems that Cox is leaning hard on their speed tests being fine even when it dips into the 20Mbps range.  They state that this speed should be enough to run all my devices and while I agree, there is something else going on because all services suffer.   I will try the automatic test command you provided.  Are settings still needing to be changed to reflect the image you posted?   Appreciate the help!
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