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    • Way to go Hughes net.  277 kbps. {DONT GET HUGHES NET}
    • I couldn't agree more. Everything was booming than though. Even the different ISP forums were pretty good. The "show your desktops" threads were good. "post your pic" was good. "where you from".  we had ALOt of good topics. I miss the days of activity lol.
    • Well, the info I'd been giving in detail is about to go non-transparent. Fact, if you've got a skunk in the wood pile. You definitely ain't gonna want to get wood for the fireplace. believe me,  this isn't happening to one person. This is state and nation wide. Course as most ignorant cyber criminals they will do all they can to keep from being taken down by the DOJ.   These Idiots depend on everyone being computer illiterate and putting out false propaganda. They attempt to use miss uses of technical terms to maintain their illusion in smoke and mirror tricks. These that are my current  ISP Bi-Corporations are not the only up to no good.   Verizon sold a False stated Fios Modem. Black marked in red letter Fios Verizon. Fact is here from Albany to Glens Falls was the very 1st Fiber Optic system. Verizon's modem was actual DSL. It plugged two copper wires into the telephone lines, That Fiber Optic system created by then NYS Engineer was and is, Government Access Only. He who designed this 1st Fiber Optic system in the world a personal home town friend of mine. Verizon have no Fiber Optics here in the North Country. I can go on with the duplicity of the Left and their devious underhanded exploits.   How about these points of calling some device 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G and say this is their improved speed in ISP connection. That is a buffaloed division of the facts, As those are processing speeds of the device you buy. It is not the bandwidth you subscribed to. As in the points of cell technology. that Bandwidth between Device and Cell tower. It has been 68 megabytes per second. It's still is. that is the CPU/Bus speed in processing. You process what you are able to receive from that 68 megs per sec in the connection to the cell tower.   Believe me there is much more to their BS than I mention here. enough said for now and those deep in corruption. Yes, and it is a part of the Left (Democrats) handed idiots that believe they'll take down the Republic Gov of the United States. Are you reading this Senator Schumer? You and Soros are going to hang for your planned course in Treason, I will indeed see to it you hang. There is a tribunal coming for you and Goose Stepper George Soros. As you've been the biggest criminals I'd ever tracked. Over my Dead Body Schumer. You're Toast.    It is a real conspiracy and no theory about it, we have collected and recorded, and now that evidence in being processed at the top, start to your finished, No rant, no rave, Just the facts.
    • Thank you JereSalo! this works for me too. only one of my PC has a slow speed, I been looking for the reason for few month, but you solved my issue!
    • Hi  xs1, On looking at your earlier post You weren't that insulting. Called Kiwegapawa  a novelist although I believe it implies fiction. Then questioned whether an ISP would bother to do this to one person. Probably the tin foil hat picture is what got the response.   I was also a moderator here at one time. Remember the old site all gray with an alien or monster as the logo. This site did really get busy a while after that.   The movie quote topic &  name the song  were so busy it was like playing a game.   Too bad it has slowed down so much.
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