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    • Thanks for the help. It is a brand new computer with 16G memory, so idk why it would be having issues with the CPU, especially when it was running when nothing was on but the browser in the morning. It might have been a browser update or other issue. I didn't figure it was an ISP issue since they had fixed the single thread to be better. I was just curious since I hadn't heard of multithread ever been slower than single thread, so was wondering if it was an issue with the modem settings or something. Oh well. Will just see how it goes. 
    • The first number is a combined average upload and download used for ranking, then download average and upload average follow.  Normally these are colored with arrows next to them to show what they are but I pulled that screenshot from an un-styled internal list of my own.
    • The current administration and the Republican Party (as it is now) are horrible in their positions on personal freedoms and human rights. The worst ever. Their aim is to undo everything that’s been done in the past that was put in place for the public good if it can’t be shown to produce more profit. And they undo things put in place by prior Democrat administrations even if it doesn’t show any profit so they can put the same thing back in place with a different name to get the credit for it.   what blows my mind is that about 50% of Americans believe that this bunch in control now is actually acceptable and believe somehow that they are “Making America Great”. They’ve swallowed al of their propaganda, thinking the Republicans is Washington actually give two hoots about them. Their version of America is grossly distorted.   sorry about the political ranting, slowly and surely they are taking the open internet away.
    • CABLE - is the first number in the ranking the average download for the number of tests picked?   Is the next number the max download?    maybe add labels to the top of the table of results?
    • All of the opinions that I am aware of are bracketed between two extreme positions.
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